David Neumann, BS, BC-HIS

Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Dave is a board-certified hearing specialist, licensed to dispense hearing instruments in Missouri and Kansas. He is a life-long resident of the area, where he enjoys building relationships with people and helping them with the gift of hearing. He strives for excellence in the care of each individual and believes that he has made a difference not only in the quality of his patients’ lives but also in the lives of their families. Dave is involved in many community outreach programs, served as president of the Seroma Club, member of Chamber of Commerce, proud sponsor of the Silver & Gold Senior Club, and many other service-oriented endeavors.

Dave is committed to ensuring that all people with speech, language and hearing disorders receive services to help them communicate effectively. He has become an advocate for looping, which promotes looping in public forums to provide clear, understandable sounds for those with hearing assistive devices. Induction looping takes sound straight from the source and delivers it right into the listener’s head. It’s as if one’s head was located in the microphone or inches from a television’s loudspeaker–without extraneous noise or blurring of the sound with distance from the sound source.

Advocating for public looping means more opportunities for individuals who suffer from hearing loss to enjoy normal social outings that many take for granted. By being an advocate for looping, you are breaking the barriers that many Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals face on a daily basis.