Christian Burnett

Patient Care Coordinator

With a rich history spanning 13 years at the local News-Press, Christian brings a wealth of experience in customer service to The Hearing Connection. His journey has been one of dedication and passion for ensuring that every interaction is not just a transaction but an opportunity to provide you excellent service.

When not in the front office at The Hearing Connection, you’ll find Christian with his young twins, who constantly remind him of the importance of connection and communication. The twins have fueled his commitment to enhancing the lives of others through effective communication, especially when it comes to the vital aspect of hearing.

At The Hearing Connection, we don’t just sell hearing aids; we are dedicated to transforming lives by reconnecting individuals with the sounds that matter most. Christian’s background in customer service has instilled in him the importance of personalized care and attention to detail. You can count on Christian to assist you through your hearing care process, ensuring that your experience with The Hearing Connection is seamless and fulfilling.