We Love Our Patients — and We Want Them To Love the Care They Receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each patient gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. This is where we collect and feature testimonials from our valued patients, so feel free to share your story to help others gain the confidence to start their journey to better hearing!

John Hall

John shares why he chose The Hearing Connection to help him reconnect to his world.

"What sold me? Dave himself! I cannot describe the way he has bent over backwards and gone out of his way, not once, but every time I call or pop in as I go by. He has a genuine, caring attitude. Not to mention, he sells a top of the line product with a 3-year warranty, 3 years of free batteries, and 3 years of free service. My grandfather and dad both had hearing aids that squealed all the time. Half the time they were in the drawer and considered a waste of a lot of money. Several of the five places I checked out tested me and would order them and fit them, and in a month if something was wrong, they sent them back to be adjusted. Dave is able to adjust or fine tune the hearing aids in his office right then, and he goes out of his way to get them right. A big plus is the fact that they work with my iPhone. Not to mention, he has the sweetest receptionist who never has a sour attitude. I have and will continue to recommend The Hearing Connection to everyone. They are family!!!"

Dick Gibson

Gibson was referred to Hearing Connection by a friend. Gibson had a style of hearing aids that sit down in the ear, and he was reluctant to make the transition to a behind-the-ear style. But, knowing he needed to make adjustments in order to gain the optimal hearing, Gibson followed the advice of Hearing Connection specialist Dave Neumann and tested a newly released hearing aid option.

Gibson has been pleased with his new, digital hearing aids. He describes them as “much more comfortable.” Beyond his satisfaction with the hearing aid adjustment, Gibson has been impressed by Hearing Connection’s dedication to customer service.

“Dave’s service is unparalleled. In this day and age of customer no-service, he offers the opposite,” Gibson said. ”You’re not just a number. It’s not a doctor’s office. It doesn’t feel that way.”

Jack Newton

Jack Newton shares how The Hearing Connection helps people in different circumstances.

“As a retired school superintendent, I am very aware that many students and teachers have various hearing difficulties. I am also aware that people learn best when they can see and hear well when trying to understand a new abstract concept. At age 93, I have found that Dave Neumann of The Hearing Connection can relate to any hearing condition regardless of a person’s circumstances. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend The Hearing Connection for any hearing condition or circumstances that a person may encounter.”

Ron Wade

"I have nothing but a 5-star rating for Dave and The Hearing Connection. Having been hearing impaired for over 50 years and had service of more than eight audiologists, it pleases me to say that out of all the professional hearing specialists I have found Dave to be the most accommodating, concerned, and helpful. He far exceeds any of the previous and continues to go above and beyond for the concern of his client’s needs. ReSound is the only hearing aids I have found that has ever given me the desired results. Thanks, Dave, for all of your patience and perseverance in your endeavor to help improve my hearing.”

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